Experienced in Lifestyle Photography, Pati Barreto has an expertise catching moments ands telling stories through her images. With a strong background in studio and the understanding of lighting, she has a body of work ranging from advertising, food, people, animals and sports.
With a Photography Degree form Miami AD School (2006) and SCAD (2010), her experience at Southern Living magazine was key to broaden her connection with people, discover the love for food photography and new challenges.
While living in São Paulo, the opportunities at Rafael Costa developed an eye for production, team management and skills, that served as foundation for her time at KQI as main Food Photographer.
For the past 3 years, Pati works with her mentor, Libby Volgyes, which is an important reference, as business owner, friend and photographer. 
Milam's Market, Somm Journal, Icebox Café, are among the clients in South Florida and beyond. She currently lives in Miami.

Photo by Alfredo Gugig
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